Our Littleness

So does a whole world, with all its greatness and littlenesses, lie in a twinkling star…

-Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities

A small poem sent out to the universe alone

Is a speck of dust in a sea of galaxies

Who can see or hear or feel it?

When the Light is done

And the Darkness takes over all

It too will not be heard.

By Shalom Freedman


Once you think about it, we are small. We are humans. A single species on a planet. A planet part of a galaxy. A galaxy part of a never-ending universe. This never-ending universe has endless unknown space that has yet to be explored, but we’ll never be able to learn or discover all of it. This universe is so big, yet we are so small.

Photo by Jared Smith on Flickr

Photo by Jared Smith on Flickr

We are minuscule compared to everything else. Just a speck of dust. Some people think that our minisculity is a weakness, a burden that hinders our creative ideas. But size doesn’t affect our minds. How are we able to make a difference in the world despite our smallness?

It all begins with an idea. An idea could be big or small. An idea leads to action. An action could be good or bad. A single action could change something even greater than what you could imagine.

Our mind contains an unlimited amount of ideas. Photo by Andres Nieto Porras on Flickr

Our mind contains an unlimited amount of ideas. (Photo by Andres Nieto Porras on Flickr)

Yes, we are small. But if we work together to make something, it could end up doing a lot more than what we expected. Sometimes a life-changing event doesn’t even need a lot of people. Just a single person (you) are capable of greatness. Size doesn’t have anything to do with what is happening in the universe now.

There was a time when my teacher from middle school had told us a story about her high school life. She was always such a sweet, caring, sociable person. Everyday she would greet people with a smile and a ‘hello’, or compliment them. She never thought it was a big deal just being nice to others. But one day she got a call from a person who went to her high school. He said she saved his life. That person was someone she always said ‘hi’ to. He was about to commit suicide, but her kindness and positive attitude prevented it. It was such a small action, but it amazingly saved a life. How could she have known that one word could leave such an empowering effect on someone else? The thing is, she didn’t.

Sometimes we don’t even think about our actions. It just comes naturally. A small wave, a small laugh, a small smile can do a lot.


Our personalities and actions determine who we are, and this affects others around us as well as our community. Our smallness doesn’t hinder our abilities. You don’t need to worry about making a difference in the world when you could change a person’s life right now. We need to make the best out of our lives, because everything, even the little details, are important. You might not believe that such a small deed will change anything, but it might just change an entire course of events.

Every man’s life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another.

-Ernest Hemingway


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One Response to Our Littleness

  1. I love the extra attention you spend to how you start and end your posts. I also love the different images you find.


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