Luck of the Unlucky

Every day I wake up from my comfortable bed. Every day I get dressed with a new outfit. Every day I brush my teeth in my bathroom. Every day I get to school by car. Every day I have lunch. Every day I have dinner. Every day I have my family with me. One day I wonder, what if I had none of this?


I’m given everything I need to live nicely, and I didn’t have to work for any of it. My parents provided everything for me. I always know I’ll be safe in my home at the end of the day. But I’ve never known what it’d be like without any of it.


I’ve never been in a situation where I’m so desperate for something that I need it in order to survive. This goes the same for most people who are in first world countries. Sometimes we take everything for granted. People don’t actually try until they’re in a critical situation. It gets surprising when those who are born with nothing surpass those who are born with everything. It’s because they know they need to get better. They strive to have better lives, because they need it. Nothing will change unless they do something about their situation. My parents came to America from Viet Nam without knowing a speck of English. They literally had nothing. But because they knew they had to do something, they worked even harder. And because of this mindset, they came out more successful than others who were actually born in America.

“Only desperate men make good conquerors.” —Theodor Herzl


Instead of waiting for someone to save you, try to save yourself first.

Those who are born with everything tend to believe that since they are born with so many opportunities, they don’t need to work harder because everything is already handed to them. We feel as though we don’t need to work harder, because we’ve never known what it’s like to starve, what it’s like to be dirty, what it’s like to be thirsty, what it’s like to be desperate. Those who have experienced this feeling of “need” know they have to do something about it.

So, am I saying that we need to have all our precious materials taken away? No. I’m saying that we need to start making more use of what we have. We have computers, we have education, we have homes, we have modes of transportation, we have opportunities. We can use these to our advantage and move forward to help those who don’t have anything.

“Read not to contradict and confute, nor to believe and take for granted… but to weigh and consider.” —Francis Bacon

Not only that, but we need to have a mentality that makes us work harder. Some people refuse to work because they believe their luck will carry their lives. Because we believe so much in our luck, we start to rely on it. We try less and less. Just believe that you are unlucky.

Those who are “lucky” feel it’s unnecessary to work harder. There are no “lucky” people in this world. You have to believe that you are unlucky and strive to work better. Make your own luck.


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